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Are you interested in enriching your student’s field trip experience? We need student field trip journalists! Whether your student wishes to submit a paragraph or 3-page essay, your student’s work may be featured on our site.  This is a great way to feature your students work, extend their educational experience, and have an online keepsake of their work.  If you wish to participate, simply follow these steps:

1 – Attend a field trip of course!

2 – Take photos at the field trip if you wish.

3 – Take notes if needed.

4 – Help your student write and edit an essay about all they learned on the trip. We will not edit or change your essay besides font and paragraph formatting.

5 – Submit you essay and student information at the form below. Please do not copy from a word (or other processing) document. Use something that doesn’t format the text such as notepad.

6 – Optional: if you wish to feature your photos and student portrait on the blog, email them with your student name to the email address given at the end of the form!

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