Spanish I

In this class students will use the vocabulary and grammar they have learned at home with their Spanish curriculum. We will play vocabulary games, have conversations in Spanish, sing songs in Spanish, have guests come to class to discuss a specific topic in Spanish, read books in Spanish.
For second semester, we will build on the basics that we have learned, continuing to sing our way through the curriculum. We will dive into conversations and start reading books in Spanish now that we know our sounds and some blends. Anyone can join this fun class. I will help bring everyone up to speed and move them right along.
Suggested Curriculum for home use:
-La Clase divertida
-ACE/PACE Spanish
-Rosetta Stone
-BJU press
There are many choices, whatever curriculum you use this class will help your student use what they have learned in practice.
-notebook paper
-English/Spanish dictionary
Gain confidence when speaking Spanish
Improve pronunciation
Increase vocabulary in a fun way.
Be able to have a conversation in Spanish.
Be able to read/write in Spanish.
In Class:
Students will share vocabulary from home
Hold conversations weekly
Read books in Spanish aloud
Discuss the story books
Write sentences
Have fun reviewing
At Home:
Work on a Spanish curriculum
Review grammar and vocabulary
Prepare vocabulary to share in class