Who: Valerie Brandt will be teaching this course. I have worked as an electrician and worked almost a
decade as a machinist. My job was to mechanize the assembly lines at Johnson Controls. I had to come
up with a machine to do each process on the assembly line. I learned how to think outside the box and
you will also.

What: We will be starting with the basics and learn the 5 different kinds of simple machines. Then we
will move into simple design by designing and building our own catapult, a moving arm, and end with
making a submarine. We will also learn about electricity and work with building the connections. This
will give you a firm foundation to move on into the Lego program next fall. There will be homework
every week. There is just not enough time to do everything in class.

When 9:10 – 9:50 Friday mornings for students 7 – 14 years old, ideally.
Costs: $50.00 plus materials at a supply cost estimated to be $25

How you can help: Save your Paper towel tubes, Toilet Paper tubes, Plastic trays (like ones meat comes
on but please don’t save the trays that have had meat on them).Scrap pieces of wood or trim will help
with the framework of the catapult. This is a start and I will send out a complete list before they start
If you have any questions please contact me at