Finance Foundations II (7th-12th Grades)

Foundations in Personal Finance for Middle and High School by Dave Ramsey.
We will be continuing what we started in first semester. We will be covering units 3 and 4
Unit 3: Financial Planning and Insurance
Bargain shopping
Investing and retirement
Unit 4: Income, taxes and giving
Money and Relationships
Career and Taxes
This class will continue to instill proper money management to our teens and better prepare them for their futures.
Required materials:
Foundations in Personal Finance for homeschool student workbook ( or
Great attitude
Willingness to learn
Purpose of this class:  The purpose of this class is to empower students with the knowledge and application of basic financial principles so that they can make sound financial decisions for life.
Reinforce academic skills such as communication, mathematics, reading, research, and writing.
Help students develop flexible knowledge, effective problem-solving skills, effective collaboration skills, and intrinsic motivation through the use of a variety of individual and group activities.
Enhance student’s financial literacy skills.
Enable students to develop informed money-management strategies.
Stimulate interest in financial management.
Inspire students from all background to achieve financial well-being.
Foster an understanding and appreciation of ethical money management.
In Class:
Watch a video segment that will introduce the topic
Fill in the blanks in the workbook
Discussion of the topic introduced
Review statistics, student feed back, quotes, case studies
Discuss the charts/graphs in the book
At Home:
Answer Journal Questions
Budget builder activity
Chapter Summary
Before you begin checklist
Review key terms
Money in review assessment (quiz)