Fishy Habits

Did you know that fish can be picky eaters? I was a parent chaperone with the younger group portion of this field trip and our guide was describing the eating habits of some of the creatures swimming all around us. The UGA Aquarium is an exciting place to visit for all ages, but I recommend booking a guide. There is so much to learn when listening to someone who personally takes care of the animals at an aquarium.

Not only did our group tour and enjoy the aquarium, but we also spent time in a learning lab and touch tank center. Do you know where shells come from? Do you know how many eyes a horseshoe crab has? Do you know what snails eat? These questions and many more were answered as students held living creatures in their careful hands in front of spellbound eyes.

This will be a field trip that we will plan again and again. Experience the wonder yourself and visit the UGA Aquarium. You can find out all about their facility at