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If you live in South Carolina, then you should learn the state dance!

The Jr. Shag Club teaches students the Carolina State Dance.

In the process of learning to dance they learn so much more!  They learn…”

1. Personal respect
2. Respect for other, manners and social graces
3. Sportsmanship and work ethics
4. Positive communication skills
5. Time management, flexibility and organization
6. To make friends and stay friends
-Jennifer Batten, Shag Dancer
Jr. Shag Club teaches young people the Carolina State Dance.

Join us for a beginner lesson from the Jr. Shag Club.

The Carolina Shag is a partner swing dance, done primarily to beach music, which originated in the Carolinas in the 1940’s.   The Shag is a wholesome activity the entire family can enjoy, providing exercise and healthy social interaction for a lifetime.  Although concentrated in the south, Shag Clubs can be found throughout the United States.  

Who are Junior Shag Dancers?

Juniors are Shag dancers under the age of 21.

What is the Junior Shag Development Committee (JSDC)?

JSDC is a group of HHICSC members who are interested in finding youth who like music, dance, and fun to learn our state dance, the Shag.
The HHICSC wishes to support youth Shag dancing.  Their Instructors, DJ’s, and members volunteer their time and expertise, striving to promote Shag dancing and Beach Music for all ages.

JSDC Purpose

The purpose of the JSCD is to teach juniors and their parents, guardians, or grandparents, to dance the Carolina Shag, our State dance, and enjoy Beach and Youth music.
Learn more and take free lessons locally – juniorshaggers.com


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