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We are visiting this fascinating location to learn about the 8th Airforce and their role in WWII. Our student tour will last approximately 2 hours. We will split into two age appropriate groups. As there are additional options to enhance our experience to the Mighty Eighth, please take special care in reading all details.

Registration for the tour is $5.

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Registration and ordering for dog tags and lunch must be submitted according to details below. When you arrive to pay for your tour and orders, payments will be made separately. Thank you for preparing for this in order to expedite our check-in process. Costs are as follows:
Tour $5 for BOTH students and parents
Dog tags (optional) $5 (must preorder)
Lunch $0 to bring lunch, $6 for box sandwich lunch, $10 for hot buffet lunch (must preorder)

Thank you for arriving a few minutes early to check-in and make your payment(s). Due to special orders on this trip, check-in will take longer than usual. We appreciate you keeping this in mind. There shall not be more than 10 children per adult present at any one time. Please be aware of this safety rule.

Many students enjoy pre-ordering custom dog tags from the museum so that they can be ready on field trip day. If you would like to have dog tags prepared for you, fill out the dog tag form and email to hannah@lowcountryfieldtrips.com by April 16th. Read instructions included on the form very carefully.

You may eat bag lunches at the museum for free or pre-order either a box sandwich lunch ($6) or a hot buffet lunch ($10). The museum must know ahead of time so if you wish to submit an order, contact culinaryteam@savannahbellcatering.com to pre-order by April 16th. FINAL LUNCH NUMBERS CANNOT BE REDUCED AND MUST BE PAID IN FULL – PLEASE DO NOT ORDER UNLESS 100% SURE THAT YOU WILL ATTEND. Chaperones are welcome to stop in to order lunch in the restaurant anytime during the tour visit while students are eating their bagged or pre-ordered lunches.

Please read about the Poppy Project.
Field Trips of the Lowcountry will be mailing poppies to the museum on April 16th. If your child would like to see his / her poppy on the wall on field trip day, please make arrangements to drop off your poppies to Hannah by emailing her at hannah@lowcountryfieldtrips.com


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