Event description

Join us at beautiful Lawton Stables for this year’s annual End of Year Homeschool Bash.

Event Details:

Lowcountry Field Trips has reserved Lawton Stables for the day for our group. Join us for special activities planned for just for us by Lawton Stables in addition to the well loved animal farm. Add on unlimited pony rides or trail rides at the homeschool group discount* offered for this special event only.

About Lawton Stables

Lawton Stables offers horseback riding and more in the heart of the beautiful resort island of Hilton Head, South Carolina. Trail rides are one of the best ways to get a true feeling for the Lowcountry in its natural setting, meandering through trails, forests and lakes in over 600 lush acres of the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. Our horses are cared for with love and pride, and will become your trusted companion on your journey. Pony rides are available to children 7 and under, and our animal farm provides a wonderful collection of small animals to feed and enjoy, and is open to everyone. A gift store offers a large selection of horse-related gifts and treasures.

Event Options:

Every attendee, including babies or adults who are not riding should register for at least one option to join our event.

  1. General Attendee: for all ages, come and enjoy special activities (many designed for little’s who aren’t old enough to enjoy the pony rides) and the animal farm! This option is included for all ticket types. Please choose a ticket if you are attending this event, but only one ticket is needed per person as the activities and animal farm are included in all ticket types.
  2. Pony Rides: Sign up for unlimited* pony rides all day. Ponies are available 9:00 am – noon and 2:00-4:00. Event activities included. Ages 18 mos-7 yrs (<55 lbs). 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Event activities included.
  3. Trail Rides: Sign up for a 60-minute trail ride through the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. Ages 8+. See ticket times. Event activities included. Trail rides end approximately 90 minutes from ticket time.

*Ticket prices do not include the Sea Pines gate fee of $8. Prices include fee to pay for website and administrative costs. Pony rides are unlimited, but there are a limited number of ponies. Each ride will be two laps and then child and then next riders will have a turn to ride. There may be times during the day when there is a line to ride the ponies. Children may pet the animals while waiting.

To select multiple ticket types, press the back button after adding a ticket type to your cart to choose another ticket type. Tickets will remain in cart and can be adjusted on the cart page.


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All the little details you need to know: General Info Lawton Stables is located within Sea Pines Plantation; Sea Pines charges a daily rate of $8.00 per car to enter the Plantation (they accept cash only). Sea Pines does not allow motorbikes, RVs or bicycles into the Plantation. Lawton Stables is a non-smoking facility; no dogs are allowed. For your own safety, please supervise young children. Trail Ride Info Our regulations require that all trail riders must be a minimum of 8 years old and do not allow 'double-riding' with two people sharing a horse. Weight Restriction: For the safety of our horses and riders, there is a 240 lb limit (non-negotiable). For a more complete explanation of our weight policy, please click here. Please note this weight restriction is strictly enforced; all riders agree to be discreetly weighed. Riders will be asked to arrive on time.Any rider not present 10 minutes after ticket time will be unable to participate. Please wear loose fitting clothing and no flip-flops, sandals or Crocs. All riders must sign a waiver prior to riding. We strongly recommend that all riders wear a helmet; however, you may refuse to wear one upon filling out an additional section of our waiver. Pony Ride Info Our Shetland ponies are small and available only for small children. Pony rides are for children between the ages of 18 mos-7 years old and weigh under 55 lbs. Rides are normally two laps around the animal farm on a Shetland Pony led by a member of our team. For this special event, your rider may get back in line and ride again and again during your registration hour. There is no 'double-riding' with two children sharing a pony. Parents of young children are encouraged to walk alongside their child during the ride; however, please be careful to stay away from the pony's legs, do not walk behind a pony, and do not make any sudden or sharp movements or sounds that may startle the pony. Animal Farm Our animal farm is fully accredited by the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). DHEC regulations prohibit feeding the animals with any food not provided by the farm so that we can control the quality and quantity of food the animals receive. For this reason, we ask that you do not bring your own food to feed the animals. You may purchase animal feed on the porch of the Welcome Center (50 cents per handful). We sell Lawton souvenir cups inside the Welcome Center for $1 if you wish to purchase a cup to hold the animal food; otherwise, we do not provide cups for the food to help keep litter down and to ensure our animals do not harm themselves with paper products or cups. If you have food for the horses (carrots or apples), you may feed the ponies or the Clydesdale (Harley) in the front paddock, or the trail horses in the paddock adjacent to the animal farm. Please note we do not sell carrots or apples for the horses. We ask that you do not feed the working horses and ponies (any horse or pony wearing a saddle).