We are pleased to announce that we have Homeschooler alumni coaches coming down to provide a three-day camp for middle and high school students.

This camp equips students with no prior experience in debate with the knowledge and foundational principles needed to formulate logical thought and express them through articulate speech.

The camp will run from July 25th through 27th from 10am to 4pm each day and will be held at Maye River Baptist Church in Bluffton.

Students will be shown how to form thoughts and opinions based on observations and evidence, how to take those thoughts and form them into arguments, as well as how to arrange arguments into compelling cases.

Lessons taught will also include organizing thoughts in a cohesive speech, turning “loose” thoughts into compelling rhetorical arguments, and becoming comfortable with the activity of speaking in front of people.

Students will get hands-on experience debating with several fun debates on generally-understood subjects toward the end of the camp. Past camps have had debate subjects that ranged from making Pokemon Go and Fidget Spinners illegal to lowering the driving age for highschoolers, and we’ll have more fun subjects this time too!

There are several instructors to maximize the opportunities that students have to interact with experienced debaters and receive feedback to increase their own skill set. Camp instructors understand that public speaking is a scary subject for many students (and even many parents) because we were all in your shoes just a few years ago. We design our camps with that in mind. We provide helpful and constructive feedback, analyzing students strengths and weaknesses, and providing concrete ways that they can develop their skills.

This camp is nearly full, so please don’t hesitate to register.

Our competitive homeschool group rates:

$75 Student

$60 Sibling

Lowcountry Field Trips is simply passing on payment to instructors. A small online processing fee is built into the payment. We do not retain any funds from these transactions.

If you find that you cannot attend on these dates, the camp capacity has filled, or that you desire a deeper experience, we have a debate class held on Fridays this fall in the local area. Find out more information on registering for the Debate Club HERE.