Debate Camp Details



$80 debate club fee per student, $60 for a sibling

Purchase of a debate “sourcebook” ($33-99). (there are also options to make this slightly more affordable)

Purchase of NCFCA Affiliation $150/family (there are additional perks with this)

(As decided by your family) Participation in NCFCA debate tournaments (Costs to consider include housing, registration fees (usually around $35-50) and food)

Note: Debaters should have a committed partner before affiliating

Estimated total costs: $275 + (around $300/tournament x number of tournaments attended)


$100 debate club fee per student, $75 for a sibling

Purchase of a debate “sourcebook” ($33-99). (there are also options to make this slightly more affordable)

Sign up for free NCFCA “placeholder” affiliation

NOTE: Unaffiliated students CAN become affiliated later in the semester.

Estimated total costs: $150

Class Description

Classes will occur each week except for designated holidays or on dates where a tournament within a close vicinity is taking place. The head instructor will be following an intermittent pattern of visits much like last semester and classes will come to an end in the last week of April or the early weeks of May.

This class is largely student-directed in terms of time commitment. Some students will find themselves really excited and doing lots of research, others might find that they have to balance their other classes and therefore can’t spend as much time with this class. Students should come prepared to debate either Affirmative or Negative each week using their sourcebooks. When debating, students may have to debate against cases that are not from the sourcebooks that they have purchased (there are multiple sourcebook options). In such scenarios, students should expect to prepare their own negative research.

Students will have monthly projects to work on and submit. For research projects (which will make up the majority if not all of these monthly projects), they can work on these in conjunction with other students but must meet a minimum level of submission. Deadlines for these projects will be based upon the proximity of major tournaments. The instructor or the interns will record video feedback of such submissions that students are expected to watch (students could receive quiz questions from these videos).

There will be home-directed assignments that parents and students will decide whether to complete. These will include speaking drills, conversation logs similar to those of the first semester.

Occasional quizzes may be administered covering material from articles or videos that the instructor has asked the students to read or watch. These will be open book and open notes and students will have approximately one week to submit them. At times the instructor will record supplemental lectures that will discuss material tested in quizzes.

Meetings will focus on the debates themselves. We will try to have a debate each week along with a time for practicing speech exercises and drills and strategizing about cases and the resolution. Additionally, some theory lectures and workshops may take place but are not expected to take long.